Here we list a few frequently asked questions, if you have any other questions that are not listed here then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What kind of Company needs to Outsource their Bookkeeping?
The kind of company who would use our services range from Sole Traders to Medium Sized Businesses, if a business does not have the need for a full time dedicated resource then they will outsource their accounting function, which frees up the business owner to concentrate on what they do best, and that’s running and growing their business.

How do I get my paperwork/receipts to you?
This can be done in a variety of ways, we have clients who send all their paperwork via recorded post which we then process and file away and send back to them, or we have clients who receive and send the majority of their ‘paperwork’ electronically and any odd pieces where they may receive actual physical paper they will scan and send to us. If you are close to us we can even pick it up from you. It will be down to your preference.

Do I need to be located near your offices?
No, we can service clients based all over the UK. All of your bookkeeping is done using an online service so you can always log in to see your current position. We are always available via email and telephone.

Is it a good idea to store my data online?
More and more businesses are using cloud based solutions for their accounting function, email and document sharing. Using a cloud based accounting package is not only cost effective and convenient, but having your accounts available remotely is a big advantage, you can access them anywhere and if unfortunately you happen to be a victim of theft or a broken computer then you will not lose all this vital information.

Is my data secure?
Cloud services are becoming more and more common, it is still essential to understand the security and backup procedures of whichever remote service you decide to use. Xero pride themselves on the fact their software has never been breached or lost any customer data. Click here for more details on the Xero security page.

Why should I outsource?
No holiday, maternity and sickness cover
No telephone line or call costs
No payroll or HMRC hassle
Money back guarantee on all work
No salary to pay
No employment contract required
No lighting, heating or power bills
No office space needed
No computer or internet required
Pay for just the help you need

Do you offer accountancy services?
The quick answer is no. We can however work with a local firm of accountants who can deal with the areas we do not cover such as yearly accounts preparation, tax returns and more complex tax advice. We can include the cost of this in with a fixed monthly fee and deal with the transfer of information on your behalf.

Can I still keep my existing accountant?
Yes. We want you to continue you to use your existing accountant, especially if you have already built up a relationship with them. Your accountant is better placed to deal with the statutory requirements and advise on more complex tax matters. We work alongside your existing accountant to keep your books and records in order which helps make their life easier.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Our preferred method of payment is BACS. We can also accept Standing Order or Paypal.

Do you only work on a fixed fee basis?
No, we can also work on an hourly rate. Whatever suits you best works for us.